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Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions very carefully before using the company’s website. Any use of the website confirms that you abide by the terms and assent to them. Use of the website includes browsing and accessing data or any relevant information. cruisewavetravel defer to the agreement with the laws of the United States. The terms and conditions are set forth to oversee the access and usage of information together with our privacy policy, guidelines, and legal agreements.

Who We are?

cruisewavetravel is an Online Travel Agency that works in alliance with the major American airlines and airlines across the globe with the aim to provide airfares at the best price. We at cruisewavetravel does not hold the responsibility for the services and products offered by any third party or independent service provider. In case the website encounters any error or stop functioning appropriately we at cruisewavetravel are not responsible for any such issue. We may update the content on the website time-to-time or bring changes to the content at any time.

The company in its sole and exclusive discretion is not responsible for any changes in the airfare made by the service providers. We are not responsible for any changes in the fare or services provided by the suppliers Once the reservation is done, rest assured you won’t get the complete refund, in case you want one. If you choose to use this website it is completely based on your discretions we are not responsible for any mishappening. You will be penalized on the cancellation/refund/amendment of the reserved tickets. cruisewavetravel is here to provide the best traveling deals and airfare we have no control over the services provided by the airlines.

Each individual service providers is wholly responsible for any changes in the airfare or travel booking and cruisewavetravel accepts no responsibility for the increment/ decrement in the prices without any prior intimation

We guarantee the service and solutions we provide to our users at any time will always be available without any interruption. In any situation, if there is any variance with respect to the services and solutions being offered by cruisewavetravel, you are more than welcome to connect with us on the given customer support number.  

The company holds all rights to add, modify, and remove any information to the Terms and Conditions of Use, as it may deem fit, without any prior notification. Any changes or update done in the terms and conditions of Use are valid, the moment they are posted on the website. Users comply with and accept the changes made, by continuing to use the website for their personal use.

Use of Website’s Content

  1. The content on the website in all respect is for personal use and is not provided for commercial purposes. No individual is authorized to sell, modify, destroy, or transmit the content copied from the website. Encompassing images, videos, text, or any other relevant information, the content available on the website, is strictly not for sale for any commercial or personal purpose.
  2. If there is any information on the website which is unlawful, defamatory, abusive, obscene, fraudulent, libelous, infringing, lewd, discredit any religion, or does not abide by the intellectual property rights, the company holds the authority to investigate and take strict actions as may deem appropriate. It is to bring to your notice if you find any information misleading or objectionable report to us with immediate effect.
  3. Our website and the information is precisely for customer use and in any manner is not for any commercial or domestic use. Any tour operator/ travel agent/ consolidator is not authorized to use the site and content for individual or group bookings. Any such activity will be subject to instant legal action. If the company detect third party booking, it has the right to cancel the refute the bookings without taking consent of the tour aggregator/ travel agent/ consolidator, withholding commissions and false payments.
  4. The website has certain sections and areas which are accessible only by a registered and authorized member. In order to become a registered member , one has to fill up a form, and answer a certain set of questions and required to disclose certain details in order to complete the procedure. However, certain questions may be optional and completely up to the individual’s discretion. The individual should vow to provide accurate and legit information which is true to their knowledge.
  5. Any attempt to obstruct the operation of the site in any assorted manner is subject to permissible lawful actions. Compliance with the company’s terms and conditions will give you uninterrupted access to non-transferable and non-exclusive right to see and use the site.


  1. If you agree to operate at all times in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, it will limit the way you access and utilize the content.
  2. All the content including software, text, icons displayed on the site is protected by copyright laws and international protocol. Any type of content mentioned above should be used for a specific purpose, as specified herein.
  3. The website contains several trademarks, logos, and service marks owned by a third party or a company, which in any sense does not mean grant the permission to utilize those trademarks, logos, or service marks. Any unauthorized use of the content may subject to the violation of copyrights law, trademarks law, the law of publicity and privacy.
  4. Users are authorized to download copies of the content for personal usage.

Company’s Rights

  1. The company will consider any information or content, communicated to the site through the electronic mail which includes suggestions, queries, data, comment, or any other relevant information as non-confidential.
  2. The company holds the license to transmit any submitted material on the website for the purpose to broadcast, publish, change, disclose, sell, or copy, anywhere in the world, in any particular medium.
  3. Users should capitulate any or all claim that the use of certain material breach any of the mentioned rights including property rights, privacy rights, rights to credit for material, moral rights, publicity rights, and right to approve the way company uses any information.

Holiday Booking terms

  1. You should acknowledge that the visual display of pictures or images of destinations and holiday packages shown on the website are for the representative purpose and may not be a definite representation of the product or service.
  2. You should send a confirmation of acceptance with regards to the holiday packages customized for you to fit your needs. This could be done by a return email, which ensures valid booking of your travel.
  3. In case, there is any disruption from our end that we are not capable to offer you the service package mentioned on the website, we have the permission to give you the substitute service package of the similar standard.
  4. When the booking is done through the site, you choose to purchase the service or holiday package from the most rated and trusted service provider. cruisewavetravel is authorized by each service provider to accept the submitted offer on its behalf. The process of acceptance completes when the company sends you a written confirmation of the booking and the payment. It is done only when the payment is done as per the payment policy of the company.
  5. Once your booking is confirmed and there is an acceptance of your booking,a legal binding contract is formed between you and the service provider chosen by you, on the behalf of the service provider of the holiday package.
  6. We are not accountable for the accomplishment of the holiday services and packages. We do not guarantee the fitness and quality of the package from our side, neither we are responsible for any discrepancy in the package. We are not responsible for the holiday package and the availability of the promised services.  
  7. In case, if there is any conflict between the information given on the site and the terms and conditions, priority will be given to the company’s terms and conditions.  Similarly, if there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the service providers, priority will be given to the service provider’s terms and conditions.
  8. It is advisable to get protective measures and insurance to safeguard oneself from any sort of mishap while traveling or during the holiday.
  9. The relevant service providers are liable for their own responsibilities.

Hotel Booking Terms

Here are the detailed hotel booking terms which differ from the General Terms and Conditions of the company.

  1. cruisewavetravel does not comply with the contractual relationship. It serves as an intermediary agent that plays the role of a mediator. If any type of bookings and reservations made through us, the contract will be between the customer and the service provider. In that case, the general terms and conditions of the service provider will be applied.
  2. We are not accountable for any inconvenience faced by the customer during the holiday or if there is any difference between the online picture and the actual setting. The pictures of the hotel, facilities, and amenities provided on the website are given for reference only.
  3. The booking will be confirmed only when the relevant hotel will receive the filled up auto-generated form.
  4. Before you complete the auto-generated form which is to be sent to the hotel, the booking is considered provisional and the hotel is not obligated to reserve a room for you.
  5. Hotels reserve all the rights of admission. Customers should abide by the information mentioned during the booking, so as there is no mismatch of information during check-in. Any unrelated or unidentified individual/couple might not be allowed to check-in. The hotel reserves the right to deny the accommodation of the person due to lack of suitable proof of identification provided during check-in.
  6. If there is no verification and authentication of the credit card details, there's a possibility that the hotel may deny your reservation based on their terms and conditions. The hotel may block your credit card for the booking, if not verified. In that case, the company is not liable for the same.
  7. The check-in and check-out time comes under the hotel policy and conditions. In a situation where there is a requirement of early check-in or late check-out request, it is completely subject to availability of accommodation and hotel might charge you extra for the same. The check-in time is subject to change as per the hotel policy and terms.
  8. A valid photo identification proof is compulsory at the time of check-in. As per the government regulations, every individual who is of 18 and above should carry a valid ID proof in order to get the accommodation. The valid ID proofs include passport, voter’s card, and driving license.
  9. During the festive season like New Year’s, Christmas and other festivals, hotels surcharge for meal. All these additional charges should be paid at the hotel.  


  1. Our company does not support any sort of modification or changes in online bookings, once done. For any modification or changes in the confirmed booking, the customer should dial the helpline number.
  2. If the check-in is within 48 hours the company will not entertain any amendment request to the hotel booking and reservation.
  3. The company in any respect is not responsible for any refunds; the refunds will be done to the customer directly by the hotel.
  4. The bank will debit its own charges from the refunds.

The company by any means does not suggest that the travel to a particular place is risk free and completely safe. It is the responsibility of the individual to investigate properly before making the choice. It should be noted that the company is not accountable for any loss or damage caused as an outcome from the decision to travel to the selected destination.  

If there is any suggestion you want to make or any information you want to share please feel free to contact us and express yourself and your concerns. We will be more than happy to listen to your wise words and incorporate your suggestions to improve our services.


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