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British Airways

Hand baggage allowances

When you travel with us, your child (aged 2-11) has the same hand baggage allowance as an adult. 

If you are travelling with an infant (under 2), you'll be able to bring an extra bag for them, included in your allowance, with the items that they may need during the flight.

When you pay for a seat for your infant, they are booked as a ‘child’ and are given the allowance a child would receive, which is the same as an adult.

You cannot combine your baggage allowances, so please make sure you know the number of bags per person, plus size and weight limits for hand baggage.

Airport security restrictions for liquids

Airport security will vary around the world, so please check what restrictions your airport has in place for carrying baby milk and food in your hand baggage.

You’ll be able to take liquids through security that meet the general restrictions. When you’re travelling with a baby, you may also take milk and formula in baby bottles, which can exceed the liquid measure restrictions.

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